Top 4 Tourist Spots You Might Consider Visiting In 2019

We all know that traveling is a part of education and one must visit at least one or two places of interest every year along with his or her near and dear ones. Traveling will help an individual to relax, explore, and also learn many things and he will be able to escape from the hectic city life. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 4 places of interest to visit this year.

1. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is considered to be amongst the most remarkable natural wonders on the planet and is more than 6 million years old. Here, you will come across human artifacts which date back almost 12,000 years to the Paleo-Indian era, and this region has been occupied continually up to the present day. The canyon is approximately 278 miles in length and 1 mile deep from rim to river at various points. In fact, if you happen to be somewhat adventurous, it will be advisable to go for 2 days of hike to the bottom of the canyon.

2. The Hebrides, Scotland

There are some incredible stories about the pristine white sand dunes, rugged mountains, turquoise waters, as well as crumbling castles of Scotland; however, nothing can beat the Hebrides which one must visit during his lifetime. Perhaps the most renowned of the lot happens to be the Isle of Skye although the lesser-known Harris and Lewis also deserve special mention. Every single island here can boast of its individual distinctive vibe, and they are all in an identical small-town communal spirit.

3. Kerala, India

This southern state located in the subcontinent of India has got everything: ocean, sun, scrumptious gastronomy, remarkable landscapes, culture, houseboats, and above all, the thick palm trees. Although this region experienced a catastrophic flood last year, the majority of the tourist destinations in Kerala escaped untouched. Here you will come across Kochi, the historic port city, which was once occupied by the Portuguese and is now a cosmopolitan hub where you will find plenty of things to see and do. Also, you will be able to witness the traditional Kathakali dance which is colorful as well as vibrant.

4. New York City

Similar to the major metropolises on the planet, New York City is always full of life irrespective of whether it is day or night. One notable attraction here is the recently revamped ferry system of New York which links the boroughs in an easy and innovative manner. In fact, it is the best option to reach the Rockaway Beach, which is ideal for the surfers from downtown Manhattan. Also, you will always get the opportunity to enjoy your pizza while you’re in New York irrespective of the weather conditions.


Apart from these 4 above-mentioned points of interest, you will come across many more which you may consider visiting this year. Make adequate research as well as planning before deciding which place to visit. Bear in mind that the best way to travel any point of interest will be to rent a car which will provide you with both comfort as well as safety. Once you make your decision, do not forget to book your flight ticket as well as accommodation in advance so as to avoid the rush during the holiday season.